Matcom Telecommunications Inc.



Our Investigative Services


Violent Crimes Unit

Citywide Shooting

Citywide Shooting works with city, state, and federal agencies. They are responsible for investigating all murders, unattended deaths, accidental deaths, nonsexual abductions, assaults, malicious wounding, shootings into occupied vehicles or dwellings, deaths of individuals in custody, and shootings involving Protective Services Officers that resulted in injury or death within a client’s property.

Gang Intel Squad

Gang Intel Squad is responsible for gathering intelligence on gangs and their activities while initiating gang affiliation profiles. The Gang Intel Squad also investigates school-related incidents such as weapons, mob assaults, hate crimes, and graffiti incidents involving any of our clients and their properties in Baltimore, Maryland and across the country.

Citywide Robbery

Citywide Robbery is responsible for investigating robberies within communities and client locations that are overseen by our citywide robbery detectives at Matcom Telecommunications Inc. These include robberies, larcenies, purse snatching, and extortion just to name a few.

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