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Matcom Telecommunications LLC

Multiple Threat Assessment Center

MTAC- Private Sector is Operated by the Matcom Telecommunications and Protective Services (MTPS), the MTAC utilizes MTPS nationwide presence and combination of law enforcement, counterintelligence, intelligence and security capabilities to identify all available threat indicators. Security Analysts,  Telecommunications personnel work in the MTAC around the clock to produce indications and warning of possible terrorist activity, foreign intelligence threats and criminal threats that may affect community operations.

The MTAC was established in December 2016 to address the domestic terrorist threats in communities and properties that we protect.

The MTAC epitomizes the multi-faceted nature of the MTPS mission by linking terrorism, counterintelligence, intelligence, cyber, criminal, and security information. The MTAC is a unique platform in that it merges intelligence from other agencies with information from MTPS source networks and law enforcement activities worldwide to provide the most relevant operational support to MTPS commanders nationwide