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Matcom Telecommunications LLC

Industry-Leading Staff Retention Rates


Office of Training and Development

Matcom Telecommunications Office of Training & Development is overseen by Col Ed Power. Col Ed Power has over 20 years of Experience in the Law Enforcement and Military Sector. Col Power has trained LAPD Swat and other various agencies nationwide. 

For our employees to carry out their roles to the highest possible standards, Matcom Telecommunications Inc. is committed to equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and support they need and deserve.

Excellent Staff Retention Rates

Staff retention rate is high at Matcom Telecommunications Inc. We invest in our people and guide them to reach their full potential. You can be sure of having highly trained, loyal, and reliable personnel at your service. We make sure to look after our colleagues who closely look after our clients in Baltimore, Maryland and nationwide. In turn, these clients care for our company by becoming loyal customers of our services.

Responsibilities & Services

The function of the Training Division is to provide and coordinate the training for all agency personnel (both sworn and civilian). The Training Division's goal is to provide proactive job-specific training that will improve job performance and proficiency through effective and efficient training. The Agencies Training Division takes great pride in providing training that meets or exceeds all of the Maryland State Police (MSP) training standards and requirements.

Educational Needs

In response to the educational needs of the Matcom Telecommunications & Protective Services Agency, the training division provides relevant and effective training such as:

Basic Recruit training

Firearms training

In-service training

Instructor certification and re-certification training

Training for outside agencies as authorized by the Chief of Protective Services

Other specialized training:

Diversity and human relations training

Ethics training

Incident Command System Training

Special operations team training

Terrorism Training


Coming Soon


There are no current projects at this time.


We are securing dates for community and environment affairs in the community concerning the environment. 

Field Operations