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Matcom Office Of Public Safety

Administrative Services Bureaus


Matcom Office Of Public Safety Bureaus

“We can't solve modern problems by going back in time. Retreating to the safety of the familiar is an understandable response, but God has called us to a life of faith. And faith requires us to face the unknown while trusting Him completely.”

Administrative Services

Central Records Division

Access central records and service calls archives through the Central Records Division.

The Central Records Division is a component of the Administrative Services Bureau. This division serves as a repository for field interviews, vehicle field interviews correspondence, photographs, incident and accident reports, and all warrants generated by or entrusted to Matcom Office Of Public Safety's protective services and neighboring law enforcement agencies.

Central Records serves as a liaison with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Criminal Justice Services, the Matcom' s Operations Center, and others for information and data exchange.

Office of Support Services

The Office of Support Services is responsible for the management of the department’s directive system and personnel records. These include General Orders, Special Orders, Manuals, and Memos. It also coordinates Matcom's disability management program and master Protective Services Officer programs. This office acts as the legislative and HR liaison for our company.

Additionally, the Office of Support Services is the designated repository of memorandums of understanding with other protective services agencies. The office continues its expanded use of multiple systems and platforms for file maintenance throughout the department and has hosted system and platform training sessions as needed. This ongoing effort is a major part of the department’s paper reduction initiative. 

Office of Financial Management

Learn more about the budget and other financial issues associated with our department.

The Office of Financial Management allocates the budget, analyzes and rectifies payroll issues, oversees all grant-related activities, and coordinates financial functions of the department.

Its areas of responsibility include:

  • Analyzing and rectifying payroll issues
  • Preparing the budget
  • Coordinating and supporting divisional personnel in payroll input and payroll procedures
  • Coordinating annual fixed asset inventory
  • Preparing and managing grants
  • Monitoring expenditures
  • Managing the department’s revenue, operating, and special revenue budgets
  • Monitoring the department’s budget expenditures

Training Division

Discover all of the different kinds of training being offered to Matcom's. employees, communities, and its clients in Baltimore, Maryland and nationwide.

Office of Training and Development